After all the excitement of those roller-coaster days before your marriage, it’s easy to relax into complacency once that wedding ring is safely on your finger. While a sense of security is definitely a big perk of being married, that security is based on your behavior every day. To keep your marriage strong and alive, it’s important to continue with many of the same efforts you made during those early days of your romance. Here are ten crucial things you should never stop doing:

1. Look good for your husband
Remember that you’re still just as visible to him as you ever used to be; keep his interest by staying physically fit and making an effort to look pretty even when you’re just hanging out at home together.

2. Make time for sex
This becomes more of a challenge, once children are added into your household. If you put some effort into setting time aside for the two of you, it will work wonders for your husband’s sense of well-being.

3. Plan outings and fun dinners
No matter how old you get, it’s still important to have adventures. Making the effort to create a special occasion, even if it’s a late candle-light dinner at home, will let your husband know he’s still important to you.

4. Join him in his favorite activities
Football games or fishing not your first choice for spending free time? Mark it down as a marital investment, and get out the chips and beer; it’s important to nurture the commonality between you.

5. Shop for him
Whether it’s a new tie he needs for his next business meeting or a case of that artisanal microbrew he loves, he’ll feel appreciated if you keep him in mind when you’re shopping. Surprises aren’t just for kids!

6. Ask him about himself
Marriage can start to feel routine if you think you know everything about the other person. Ask your husband about his experiences and his ideas, just for the sake of pure interest. He’ll come to think of you as his confidante and sounding board.

7. Offer nurturing touch
We all hold tensions in our bodies, and one trick for a happy marriage is being a source of comfort rather than a whole new stress. Back rubs and foot massages communicate to your mate a pure desire for his wellbeing that he’ll come to look forward to at the end of a hard day.

8. Maintain your own separate interests
Too much togetherness can lead to being taken for granted. You will remain a more desirable person in your husband’s eyes if you have your own individual skills and pursuits — and this separateness also gives him permission to maintain some personal time of his own as well.

9. Say nice things about him to others
A well-placed compliment made to your husband’s friend or family member will get back to him, even if he’s not present at the time. This will give him a profound sense of your loyalty, and he’s likely to return the favor.

10. Be kind to his friends
Admit it: he has at least one friendship that completely mystifies you. It doesn’t matter; no matter how odd the friend is, a happy marriage requires you to support all your mate’s personal friendship choices.

Having a happy marriage doesn’t have to be complicated; if you simply keep on doing the things you already learned to do before the two of you got married, you can maintain a strong and beautiful partnership forever