About 93 million selfies are taken every day and It has actually become a norm this days. I’ve taken about 6,932 selfies excluding deleted ones but hey remember it’s just for fun so don’t call me an addict because I’d bet your sister or daughter takes more pictures than me.

However, it’s mind-boggling to know that some people have actually risked their lives in search of the Ultimate Selfie. I’d rather say it’s when your village people have demanded for a part of your body.

Ummmm.. You do know the bull is ACTUALLY like 2 feet behind you right? All this guy needs to do is take one second. Only one second to check and see if he got the perfect shot and soon the color of his trouser will match the color of his shirt and may the Lord have mercy on his poor genitals that will be crushed like an egg. Take that useless camera away bro and keep running for your life.

This guy is really sitting on the very top of a suspension bridge with nothing to grab onto should a strong wind come along. All he needs is a couple of birds flying around him and its over. The world just lost an idiot.

This is a Danish fighter pilot taking a selfie flying mid-air. And that actually seems like a missile blowing past. What if that missile was aimed at him? If so, he’d really want to put away that phone and get out of there

This guy owns a British travel company. I really hope these aren’t the kinds of expeditions he sends his customers on. Here he’s taking a selfie on top of the Iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. My suggestion is He’d better come down from there before he meets his maker.

This guy is standing on a spire of the new-Goth church and that’s almost 325 feet in the air. One slip of his foot and that’s a long way down.

This guy isn’t even in a shark cage and what’s saving his life is just that single bar above him. I really hope he got out of this alive.